This Video Of A Malaysian Teenager Displaying Her Amazing Football-juggling Skills Is Now Going Viral, Check It Out

As we head towards the much awaited final of FIFA world cup, the videos of 18-year-old malaysian girl named Qhouirunnisa’ Endang Wahyudi(Nisa) juggling a football have once again gone viral.

Well, the hijabi teenager’s awesome football-juggling skills have swept the whole Russia into the football craze.

If you don’t believe us check the the video shared by  Qhouirunnisa on her Instagram profile:


Indeed, the girl has left everyone surprised as she can even perform such complicated moves dressed in a baju kurung and headscarf has made her a source of inspiration for many girls.

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Moreover, she had also appeared on a TV show known as “It’s Alif” in the month of May to showcase her amazing freestyle moves and left her fans stunned with her performance. We bet even Ronaldo and Messi will bown down to this girl after watching the video.

Here’s a video of her, check out:

Wow, this is absolutely fantastic and her fantastic footwork will definitely leave you jealous in this male-dominated sport. Well, this talented teenager started playing the sports after she accompanied her younger brother to play futsal 2 years ago.

Earlier in an interview, Qhouirunnisa confessed that her father had never approved of her football activities at the beginning but agreed after seeing her enthusiasm towards the sport.

Meanwhile, Nisa is who now studying Islamic Science at Universiti Al-Madinah in Shah Alam said that her parents are now supportive of her interest.

Now she is honing her skills in football juggling after performing with 2 friends at Sunway Velocity Mall and said she was really she was inspired by footballer Lisa Zimouche from Paris, who is her role model.

Motivating other women to take up the sports, she said, “Women dressed in hijabs should not feel hindered in free style sports such as football, as the will to do so is on us.”

Her reply to on being asked about her feelings related to sports has left us stunned. She said though Malaysia couldn’t qualify for the World Cup, people in her country could still be proud of the skills of having a young female football juggler.

Check out these pictures:

We are totally awestruck by this malaysian girl football skills

Here’s the latest one:

So, girls what are you waiting for? Go and shatter all the stereotypes.

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