MP3Downloader: How to Download your favorite MP3 songs for free ?

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While we are all living in the digital era and everything is at our disposal with just a few clicks, there is still the need of having things offline. This is because in the developing world there are still several cities where the internet connection is not easily accessible. Even if there is easy access, the availability of data is not unlimited everywhere. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that unlimited data can still be leveraged in Tier-1 and a few Tier-2 cities. The remaining part of the country still struggles with internet accessibility with good speed and plans. The same is the case with several parts of the world as well. Hence, offline availability of things is still needed.

Songs are no different. Music plays a huge part in our lives. Hence we need a website that allows us to download a vast variety of songs. And what better option than that has multitudinous options to save to your phone.

But the best part is yet to be revealed. Guess what? You can even convert your favorite songs from YouTube into MP3. Is it anything less than a blessing? Well! It definitely isn’t. May a time it happens that we don’t find the MP3 version of our favorite songs that we need to listen to or perform on. But the same is available on YouTube. The YouTube to MP3 converter is at your rescue.

How to download MP3 from the MP3downloader?

Downloading MP3 songs has never been this easy. Just follow the below simple steps and you are ready to roll.

  1. Open your browser and enter the URL
  2. You then see a search bar
  3. Type the name of the song that you want to download. Once you enter the title, you will see an auto-suggestion drop-down menu. Select your song from that menu.
  4. Once selected, click on the “Search” button.
  5. You will get a plethora of search results.
  6. You can then “Play” or “Download” the song in your desired quality and size.
  7. Click on the “Download” button to download the song. Once you click on the “Download” button, you will see the song sizes where you can select your desired song size from. Click on the “Download” button that is in front of your desired song quality and size.
  8. Your song is downloaded, and you are ready to roll on your favorite tunes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go search and download the MP3 song of your choice now.

Why MP3Downloader?

The reason is simple. All we want in our lives is the easily sorted ways of doing things. The same goes for music or songs as well. MP3 downloader has a vast variety of songs available in different genres that you can download. Be it regional, world music, rap, classical, semi-classical, hip-hop, jazz, and what not, has it all covered. Best part? The steps to download the MP3 songs are pretty simple. Isn’t it just amazing?

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How to convert YouTube video to MP3?

Follow the below simple steps to convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 songs and download them to your phone.

  1. Choose and search for your favorite song on YouTube.
  2. Copy the link to that song.
  3. Open
  4. Click on the “YouTube to MP3” converter.
  5. Paste your video’s link in the search bar.
  6. Click on “Search”

Here you go! You have your video converted.

Yes, the taste might vary with people, but the need for music has always been prevalent. Given the different ethnicities, cultures, and languages, India is blessed with different forms of music that are being produced here. Further, considering our exposure to world music, the variety has become vast. Hence, simply visit and download your favorite song. Enjoy your melody now.

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