Auto Expo 2018: Shah Rukh Khan comes in support of PM Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan unveils portable can for cars

Shah Rukh Khan was present at the launch of Hyundai Elite i20 in Greater Noida at New Delhi. The superstar also unveiled ‘Swachh can’, a portable bin for Hyundai car users at Auto Expo 2018.

The ‘Swachh can’ was launched under Hyundai Motor India Limited’s ‘Swachh Move’ that supports Modi’s cleanliness campaign.

The Raees actor, who is also a Hyundai Corporate Brand Ambassador, said, “Swachh Can’ is a simple yet powerful idea and I would like to request every single car owner to go ahead and use it and play their role in the Clean India Movement.”

Expressing his views on the need of electric and driverless cars in future, the Bollywood Superstar said, “We will be going a lot more electric in the future and second, there will be less and fewer drivers.”

Further, he said, “I think there will be this move to driverless travel… lesser (number) of kids will learn how to drive, I think more machines will have to take over.” But these (vehicles) will have to be safer, cleaner.”

While commenting on the pollution-related issue of Delhi, Shah Rukh said, “Being a Delhiite, I take that very personally. I think this is the coolest city… I think the electric part of it will have to come into being. So the faster we can do it, the better.”

Speaking on the electric vehicles, Khan added, “I would love to take a test drive in the Ioniq (Hyundai’s electric car unveiled at the Expo)…I would love to get the first hybrid or electric complete.”

Khan giving his views on the social media trolls said one must not “take everything at a face value” that they see on social media and that at times, it “takes away an honest voice.”

He added, “It’s nicer to sit back and not react to social media. Some may say it has blunted me or quietened me, but that is not true. I am just observing how this new machine works.”

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