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Newgrounds is a popular and the largest animation and Flash games site which accepts user-produced submissions since 1999.

Well, it also has one of the largest user bases in the world which offers blogs, forums and many other things. The website is interesting as well as entertaining also you can download your favorite videos.

The website was founded by Tom 1995 and it has a popular slogan “Everything, By Everyone”. While people from diverse backgrounds also get the opportunity to interact as well as share content through Newgrounds.

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About Newgrounds

The is a famous social media website and company which basically hosts user-generated content like filming, gaming, audio and artwork composition in 4 website categories. The American online entertainment website also offers visitor-driven ranking and voting of user-generated submissions.

Meanwhile, it is also interesting to know about Newgrounds Music Player which allows one to download and then play your favorite songs from the NG audioportal.

The Newgrounds Music Player also has a lot of features such as mixing different genres which includes dance, hip-hop, and dubstep. Well, it has over 35 genres and the music player works on Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, along with Linux (using Wine).

According to reports, some of the content of the Newgrounds site may have violent or adult aspects. Fortunately, the site has parental control which helps the parents to protect the children from getting access to those contents which are not appropriate for them. Well, this is the reason behind it is important to know such tips which help us in using the website effectively.

Here are some significant tips related to Newgrounds:

The Newgrounds basically accept non-flash animations which were never accepted in the past by such websites. It is also possible to create an animation and share the same on the site. You must also enhance the quality as the site encourages users to make quality content. Further, it is now advisable to format the content posted in the right format. Interestingly, the video files are basically accepted in MP4 and MOV.

While the other best tip is that the content on the Newgrounds website must be original. Basically, this is an audio content as posting work by other people is against the copyright laws. It is said that everyone was using music by other people to post on this particular site. Also, it is reported that the management of the Newgrounds site had risked being sued by the original owners of the content being posted. Thereafter, the site created an audio portal where the site empowers everyone to post only original content.

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Ways to download free videos or game from Newgrounds

Believe it or not, you can download free videos from Newgrounds in a very easy way. If you want to download a Newgrounds game or a video to the computer, please enter Newgrounds URL into the box below then click ‘Get Result’. Well, the tool can easily find the URL of the file.

Meanwhile, it is very easy to download free videos and games from Newgrounds, if you prefer to do the process manually, check out the steps below:

1. At first, please go to the Newgrounds site: to get the game or video you want to download,

2. The second step is to press Ctrl + U to open the page’s source.

3. The next step is to use Ctrl + F to search for

newgrounds - search for uploads ungrounded net

4. Now, you need to copy the URL with in it.

5. You must delete the backslashes in the URL. Example- https:\/\/\/492000\/492181_sonic.swf would become

6. Please go to the URL. So, if you are successful, your flash will start to appear.

7. After that, you need to left click on the browser’s settings button and then choose “Save page as…”

8. In the last step, you must save the file. So,  if it’s an flv file, you will have to use VLC Player. While, if it’s an swf file you can play the same in an internet browser.

Let’s know about iTube Studio HD Video Downloader

iTube Studio is a popular software application which helps us to download videos from popular video-sharing websites like YouTube, MyVidster, and Newgrounds. You can also convert the downloaded Newgrounds videos to many output formats suitable for the device you like to watch them.

In case of batch video download, you can now download the videos by setting sleep mode or automatic shut down option. Meanwhile, the built-in player allows one to play different forms of media formats. It also supports URL streaming which allows one to watch online video in the player instead of a browser.

There are many online entertainment websites like Spotify,, iTunes and Pandora. However, Newgrounds enjoys the maximum loyalty among the audience.

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