JBL Speakers: Top 5 Best-Selling JBL Speakers of 2019!

Speakers are probably one of the favorite electronic gadgets of every music freak! It can be your favorite too! There are many companies who come up with different featured speakers, but what is so special about JBL speakers? JBL has an unbreakable record of producing good speakers with intended sound quality and trustable outdoor experience. It is highly recommended for people who love to treat themselves with the absolute bliss of music.


Why JBL Speakers are the best?

=> High-Quality Sound: The Speakers produce high-quality sound with amazing bass. The music is heard clearly even if it is set to the lower volumes.

=> Ease of Use: Since the speakers are small and light, they are easy to use and can be carried to any place.

=> Design and Engineering: This particular aspect attracts most of the users towards it. Each product of JBL comes up with a unique design and concept.

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Types of JBL Speakers:

Did you know that JBL recently celebrated its 70th birthday? Yes, JBL’s extraordinary sound technology was the force behind many musical concerts and tours for 7 decades.  James B. Lansing, a talented and gifted engineer founded JBL in the year 1946. From 1946, JBL has been really consistent, and has not failed to impress the buyers with its innovative products!   There are several varieties of JBL speakers starting from the Shearer Horn Speaker System to the latest JBL Flip 5. Now, let’s see how the products of JBL have been evolved.

=> The Shearer Horn Speaker System: This was the first innovative product which was launched in the year 1934. It was mainly used for motion pictures. Moreover, it was critically acclaimed and received the technical achievement award.

=> D130 and D175 Stand-Alone Speakers: They are first commercial 15 inch divers which were released in the year, 1947. They offered unparallel high-frequency sound quality in its time and are still used today effectively! These masterpiece products increased the reputation of JBL for delivering unsurpassed sound reproduction. Lansing was convinced that his mission was to create home speaker systems with professional sound quality.

=> JBL Paragon Stereo Console Speaker System: In the year, 1957, Lansing’s passion for creating a home speaker came true. Paragon is a one-piece stereo loudspeaker which was approximately 9 feet long and delivered high intense sounds. This particular product for continuously manufactured for 3 years and it was definitely a super hit!

=> JBL Three-way Bookshelf Studio Monitor: JBL later started manufacturing studio monitors for the professional market. The first model was D50SM, an adaptation of Olympus D50 home system and was modified for the studio monitor use. This product was chosen by highly recognized companies, TVs and radio stations, which really played an important role in the growth of the audio business.

=>Latest JBL Portable Speakers: JBL is still amazing us with its products. Each year it comes up with a new innovative product. The new JBL speakers are highly portable, light weighted, waterproof and most of them come with Bluetooth. The latest product of JBL is JBL Flip 5.


Even though there are speakers from other brands with good features, JBL is recommended for its great service and astonishing record. It is the leader in the concept of loudspeakers.

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