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It is such fun to listen to Internet radio and especially when it is absolutely free.  Interestingly, technology has been continually improving with so much speed and creativity. Now there are a number of awesome mobile music streaming internet radio. Jango Internet Radio is an exceptional one among the others which clearly deserves your attention.

Jango is a free music online internet radio that is readily available for you and it has a wide range of musical tastes in order to deliver quality services to you. There is the main interface for the Internet Radio at the start up. When you are to start up the Jango internet radio, you have to first create an account which will help to save your favorites or preferences and effectively manage your various stations. The particular process is quite easy and quick to get done. After you have created an account, you can get started with listening to your music

The interface on Jango is quite intuitive and simple, you have the current song and artist name just up in the left corner. The album art and track progress is displayed on the main section. There are about five control buttons on the top row down below and another four navigation buttons at the bottom. You will fall in love with the interface prominence as everything is really easy to find and the icons are distinctive.

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Jango Internet radio is in no way complicated at all. All you want is just to listen to music and that’s exactly what you will get there. It is your choice of song or artist in particular that you have assigned that determines which station you get. This implies that the station’s playlist sound alike to the first song or artist. There is no need to drag and drop a list of songs into a playlist, it gets created automatically by the song and artist you choose.

Another feature is that when you listen to songs, you can a thumbs up to a given selection or thumbs down depending on what you think about the song being in the station. Nonetheless, in Jango unlike some other internet radio like Pandora, you can manually edit a station to your preference, add more artists to it or probably remove some. But it actually gets more interesting, you can alter the Variety Settings to change the algorithm that Jango makes use of in finding songs. This helps you to be able to narrow down to songs that are very similar. At the same time, you can enlarge the selection to reduce the repetition.

This kind of personalization is not common in other Internet radio and its extraordinarily awesome. Two specific ways that you can browse through Jango’s stations is either by looking at the stations you have created by yourself or you can just go through the default stations arranged according to their genre. The totality and varieties of selection in the genre stations is exceptionally outstanding which is really great in helping you break from your usual songs at some times.


Jango Internet Radio also have some very cool features that you will really love. Firstly, the option of altering the audio quality whether low, medium or high so as to maximize your listening moments for your internet connection. You can make use of the Sleep timer if you want the radio to play music for a specific period of time. However, one outstanding feature that you will also enjoy, is unlimited listening which goes on and on, no artificial caps.

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