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Music is generally referred to as “The food to the soul” and keeping this in mind, provides a platform where people from all corners of the globe can come together and appreciate the works of their favorite artists.

The site is specifically designed to feed the appetite of people that belong to the pop and rock genres. Among the services available to the site viewers are record reviews, songs that can be streamed on the internet as well as providing useful and engaging information on the bands in these categories.

Allmusic avails featured new releases, interviews, annual best songs and record reviews from users as well as members of staff. Users are provided with the privilege of submitting their reviews after they sign up with the platform and log in to their accounts.

In this article, we are going to consider some of the releases that were featured by Allmusic, Juliana Hatfield’s interview as well as reviews.


  • Gallipoli – Beirut

Serving as a sequel to No No No that was released in 2015, Gallipoli is Zach Condon’s production that features in the Beirut album. The record release falls into the pop/rock category and was released on 1st February 2019.

Condon in collaboration with Gabe Wax who has been dormant in the producing sector brings about a unique vibrancy that elevates the music industry to another level. As one listens to the song it is impossible to fail to note the familiar instrumentation supplemented by the Farfisa organ that acts as Condon’s signature in the Beirut albums.

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  • Encore – The Specials

Breaking up and making up has never been an easy process and The Specials’ tale tells it all. The group suffered i8ts major breakup in the ‘90s before reconciling in 1996through the efforts of Neville Staple, Lynval Golding, and Horace Panter.

The reunion was not long-lived as the group went on to lose members and currently comprise Panter, Hall, and Golding who are behind Encore.  The three have been augmented by Steve Cradock who is the guitarist and Paul Weller of Ocean Colour Scene.

The song touches on contemporary issues such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement and matters surrounding the Trump Administration. Allmusic Encore is keen on matters surrounding Americans but the group does not indicate aggression in their work though it is evident that they have something going.

  • Juliana Hatfield’s interview with Allmusic

Her decision to produce and name her album “Weird” originates from the life experiences that she reveals are the reasons why she has managed to accomplish her achievements.

Hatfield does not shy away from the fact that she appreciates a life of solitude, unlike the Kardashians who seem to enjoy basking in the aura of publicity and limelight. She reveals to Allmusic that she is the only child in her family which significantly inclines her preference to solitude. She denotes that the song reflects her life evident from the way it begins by highlighting her conversation with her brother who is concerned about her alienation.

Hatfield also attributes her love for solitude to external factors such as the anxiety to distance herself from social settings due to anxiety and uneasiness that builds up within her whenever she finds herself in such situations.

From the album, Hatfield hopes that more people can appreciate solitude the way she does and take the initiative of appreciating the little things that happen in their lives..

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