Sunny Leone Celebrates Daughter Nisha’s ‘Gotcha’ Anniversary With Husband Daniel, Shares This Adorable Pic

While Sunny Leone’s web series biopic Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone is getting huge attention on social media, her latest love-filled family picture with Nisha and husband Daniel Weber on Twitter proves that the she is among the gorgeous women the world who is not only professionally successful but also loves her family too.

According to reports, the ex-porn star and her husband Daniel Weber had adopted a 21-month-old baby girl who was earlier rejected by 11 families but the couple decided to go against the odds and finally they adopted their first child.

Further, they got a great support from their fans after they adopted Nisha and welcomed the twin boys, Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber via surrogacy.

To those who don’t know, the couples Sunny and Daniel, had applied for adoption on September 30, 2016, on the web ports of CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority), an apex body for child adoption. After completing all the procedures, a year later, Sunny and Daniel had become legal parents to Nisha. The date, July 16, 2018 is now a special day in the lives of Sunny and Daniel.

Well, the Tera Intezaar star had recently shared this cute pic on social media platform and wrote, “1 year ago today our lives changed when we brought you home with us! Today is your 1year “gotcha” anniversary & I can’t believe it’s only been one year because I feel I have known you a lifetime. You are a part of my heart & soul and the most beautiful baby girl in the world!”

For the uninitiated ones, Daniel was earlier criticized for sharing the above bold picture with their little angel Nisha. On Father’s Day 2018, Leone to had shared the same pic and captioned, and captioned it, “This is Fathers Day!!! The greatest love one can imagine !!! Thank You @sunnyleone for meeting Nisha Kaur and Falling in Love for both of us!!! You are always the one who knows Best. She is everything and has stole my heart forever !!!! Xoxoxo Thank You !!!!”

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Earlier in an interview, she had talked about her beautiful daughter, Nisha and said,  “Nisha needs an extremely normal life. We make it a point that we go out and do activities with her. Normally, what a two-year-old kid would have learned by now, she is just getting to know. She is not missing anything and getting a lot of attention. I think it’s the job of the parents to make sure that the child stays busy. No child would want to sit at home and watch TV. That’s just boring! I don’t think she wants that and I don’t want that for her either.”

Later, she added, “Well our whole life has changed for the better. Figuring out our schedule is not as difficult as we thought it would be and she is at an age where she can travel with us if need be. I am enjoying every second of my time with her. There is nothing more I can ask for. We are truly blessed. It is the best experience of my life and I can’t wait to show her every inch of this world and teach her so many things.I truly believe that Nisha chose us, we didn’t choose Nisha.”

A source from the adoption agency stated, “Without looking at colour, background and health status, Sunny Leone happily took the child in adoption. We respect that they didn’t try to bend the rules and stood in the queue like all the other parents.”
In an interview, she had said, “We were not brought up here but certain things, on an everyday basis, breaks your heart. While going to the airport, you cross this overpass and see little kids with no clothes, no shoes or no food, and it’s heart-breaking.”
“Maybe, we can’t save every child but can do it for one little girl. They (the ashram) gave her everything that they could but she is still underweight, and still needs a lot of care. And we are ready. Also, we have great people around to help us with everything. I don’t know what her struggle was, and I don’t think I ever will, but I know she was probably starving at some point, and maybe there wasn’t enough food,” she added.
Well, we wish Sunny and her family a great and prosperous life.
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