Why Is Remo D’souza Unhappy With Salman Khan After Race 3’s Failure?

All is not well between Bollywood’s Dabangg bhaijaan Salman Khan and director-choregrapher Remo D’Souza. Well, we don’t know whether but the recent rumours will definitely make you think that something is wrong going on and after knowing this Salman and Remo fans will be quite disappointed.

Indeed, Remo D’Souza’s recent derogatory comments about his latest movie Race 3 has now affected Salman’s image in a negative way.

As per Bollywood Hungama, Remo’s comments about not being listened to on Race 3 and being left to work around a subpar script is not going too well with Salman, who is considered as the ghost director of the movie, as per the reports.

The report says, “Remo was constantly ‘directed’ by Salman Khan during the shooting of Race 3. In fact the entire cast including Anil Kapoor took directions from Salman.”

“Remo could feel the project going out of control. But there was nothing he could do about it. When Salman Khan takes charge you either comply or you leave,” the report added.

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Surprisingly, this is not the first time similar allegations have been made against Salman. As per the reports, director Kabir Khan, with whom Salman had collaborated on 3 movies, has decided to never to work with him again after their, 3rd, Tubelight, was poorly received.

Remo told IANS, “I learnt two very important things after that film. Firstly, never work on a half-baked script, work on the script much harder before you roll the camera.”

“And secondly, I have learnt to put my foot down when it’s needed, especially when creative difference happens. One can argue till one level, but not after that… So then, it’s better to put my foot down,” he added.

Further, he revealed after Race 3’s reviews came in, Salman said him to never worry as the film was making money. Well, Race 3 even after Rs 180 crore in India is still considered to have underperformed.

Remo was all set to direct Salman again in Race 4 but as per the latest reports, he has been removed from the post of a director.

Well, troubles are not ending for Salman Khan, after Tubelight’s failure, Race 3 poor reviews, Priyanka Chopra leaving Bharat and Loveratri title which was later changed to Loveyatri due to dispute.

Meanwhile, no official statement has been released from Salman Khan.

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