K-pop And It’s Connection With Bollywood, Can The South Korean Pop Music Make It Big In India?

Whoa! K-pop in India, Earlier Kim Kum-young, director of Korean Cultural Centre, India had said that K-pop fans are growing tremendously in India. He also had desired to bring BTS and Exo group to India, as per the reports by Business Standard.

While Psy’s Gangnam Style had become a big craze in India in 2012. In South Korea, Indian references have a lot of times appeared in Korean dramas and variety shows.

Meanwhile, K-pop singers even have sung in Hindi and have further talked of making a crossover to Bollywood. Daler Mehndi’s ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ pops up on Korean drama and various events.

Last month, we had seen singer Seungri of the band Bigbang uploading a video on Instagram performing on the Punjabi pop song coordinating it with the dance cover of their song.

Well, the popular Punjabi song has been showcased in several Korean shows since the 2000s and was recently displayed in 2017-Korean drama ‘Strong Girl Bong-soon’ where one of the characters has used it as a ringtone.

Also, the South Korean icons are trying to reach to a wider range of Indian audience through Bollywood. While K-pop group Super which had performed in Delhi desires to do to do more shows in India.

“We were curious about this country. At the same time, Bollywood market is so huge, we look forward to any kind of chance that we get to do some more performances in India,” the 6-member band said.

Meanwhile, a former girls’ group 4MINUTE too had made a funny Hindi-version of their song ‘Volume Up’ in 2012. Further, K-pop group KARD’s member Joseph had sung Tujh me Rabb dikhta hai’ from ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ on some occasions.

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The popularity of K-pop in India

While the likes of Arijit Singh, Badshah, Armaan Malik, Neha Kakkar are dominating the Indian market after 2015. Also, the craze of Western music is rising among the youth. there are a significant number of K-pop music fans across every state.

 To those who don’t know, the contestants from India have won top prizes at K-pop contest in South Korea.  Also, Mizoram-based dance group ‘Immortals Army’ had too won the 2nd prize at the 2017 Changwon K-pop World Festival in South Korea and Priyanka Mazumdar from Assam won the 3rd prize in 2016.

Impact of K-pop in all over the world

K-pop music industry is one of the biggest cultural exports and is worth $4.7 billion. Well, K-pop is a music genre influenced by various kinds of music styles like Western pop music, rap, EDM, rock, hip-hop, and R&B.  Meanwhile, sons with catchy beats are performed usually by a group of photogenic singers.

Due to the internet, it’s music has the gap of language and now it has fans worldwide. Meanwhile,  big K-pop acts like TVQX, BigBang, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Shinee, EXO, GOT7, BTS have held concerts in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, US, Australia.

In the land of item songs and romantic dramas, the question is, can the South Korean pop music make it big in India?

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