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We know that there are so many free music websites in the world. Well, Jamendo Music download website is one of those popular websites which love to support independent artists.

Well, if you want to know more about the Jamendo website, please Log in to the website or download the iOS or Android app for the devices.

What is Jamendo Music Download?

Jamendo Music is a popular open community and the best free music download sites for music lovers and independent artists. Well, the music download website earlier had the objective of providing service for releasing songs under the Creative Commons licenses.

However, the website now advertises its music as “Free Streaming / Free Download” for personal use. Meanwhile, the free service also includes social networking tools so you can share your discoveries with other people.

Popular features of Jamendo

It is interesting to know that Jamendo Music service is legal and free to download. Well, the website has a perfect music library of more than 500,000 tracks from 40,000 artists in over 150 countries. Meanwhile, you can download the songs in OGG and MP3 formats, or you can stream it. Here, you must not look for big-name recording artists as the site is home to independent artists.

Moreover, after registration as well as email validation, you will now gain access to features which includes;

  • Genre-themed radio stations
  • Playlist generation
  • A personal star-rating system for albums
  • User reviews of albums
  • Sharing options
  • Forums

Further, it is fascinating to discover fresh music, whenever you visit the app or site through the suggestions of the articles or the radio channels. Also, you can create your own playlists and save your favorite songs.

How to use Jamendo website

You must know that the Jamendo website is very easy to use. Well, you can find popular music in any of the radio stations that basically includes a Best of Jamendo Music station and stations for rock, pop, indie, and electronic hip-hop.

Meanwhile, you can use the service’s search feature or choose one of the “Best of” selections on the home page. Well, the site also gives you options to search for a mood, specific genre, or the particular instrument.

Also, the Explore sections of the site are extremely useful, if you have the desire to hear the song which is now trending as well as popular on Jamendo. Now, the apps are too set up similarly to the site.

Interestingly, if you find the song you like, you can obviously download or stream it. Well, the only exception is the iOS app. However, Apple doesn’t even allow free music downloads, still, you can stream the music.

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About the Music library

Do you know that the music available in Jamendo’s library includes many music genres? Well, you always have something for everyone. Meanwhile, the music quality, which is not mainstream is also impressive. Meanwhile, the 500,000 plus songs also growing daily. Meanwhile, if you are an independent artist, please don’t forget to upload your music button at Jamendo to initiate the upload process.

Music Delivery and Formats

The song is basically available as an MP3 if you are the downloading the same through OGG or an HTTP link. Meanwhile, if you are using a P2P file-sharing network, like BitTorrent, you can stream audio at 96kbps.

What Jamendo Music Download offers?

Check out what Jamendo offers:

  • Unlimited free downloads and streaming for personal use.
  • Comprehensive choice of music genres.
  • Selection of BitTorrent and web streaming or downloading.
  • Apps for iOS and Android devices.

Indeed, if you want to expand your musical horizons then the library of Jamendo which has a variety of songs will keep you busy for a long period.

Now, you can also select to listen to songs from individual tracks as well as many albums.

Why Jamendo offers commercial licensing?

Yes, Jamendo music download site offers commercial music licensing for commercial curated offerings and retail background music for a fee on the website. Here, the advantage for independent artists is that the site offers a famous platform where everyone can promote their music globally also benefit from them financially. Well, this can happen if it shares their song in one of its commercial offerings.

Meanwhile, the site also sells licenses for commercial use of selected music in apps, online, for radio listeners, fairs, festival attendees and conferences.

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How to download free mp3 music with Jamendo

  1. At first, visit the Jamendo homepage which is found at http://www.jamendo.com/en. Now, you are going to see a number of popular artists along with the information for signing up and contributing to the website.
  2. Then, you can sign up for a Jamendo account. Well, this might not be necessary to download your favorite music. However, there are a lot of features which you can easily access which includes the need to write users along with share the music with the other people. Well, it’s free of charge.
  • Please, click the sign-up link which is at the top right of every page. Now, you can either sign in with your Facebook account or choose a password and username, then put in your email.
  1. After signing in, you can select your favorite song from the top 100 tracks of the week. In the upper-hand corner, you can select the search box to query for a song by the artist, genre.
  2. To download your favorite music you must choose your favorite genre by clicking Music” on the bar at the top. Well, then please select “Tags” from the drop-down menu.
  3. After choosing your favorite song you can download it. Meanwhile, songs are also available in MP3 format for download. Meanwhile, if you have a BitTorrent client you can further download Ogg Vorbis.
  4. Moreover, after the process of download is over you can listen to your favorite song. Further, you can also review other albums too.

To those who don’t know, Jamendo is integrated within media players such as Amarok 2,  VLC media player,  Songbird,  and Clementine.

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