Why These 4 Girls Are Getting Viral After The Release Of This Video?

Well, many might have fallen in love with youth icon Gajendra Verma’s new song Tera Ghata but we are here to inform you that there is a new version of this song which is now going viral everywhere.

However, it seems that some are not satisfied with the original version of the song and here we have these 4 girls who have come up with a musically version of the song. Indeed, the girls are now going viral everywhere on the social media.

While some people on Twitter are already supporting the girls, on the other hand, we have other users who are not supporting these videos and are really frustrated after seeing this act.

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Check out this  viral video yourself:

Further, the girls have come up with a new version of the song Yaro ne mere waste kya kuch nahi kiya. Here too we have these same 4 girls and in the same attire. The girl standing at the front is lip-syncing the song and in the end, we see them laughing. What’s the story behind this?

Watch this new video

Well, we are not trying to judge their act but are they trying to get famous with this video or they have some other intentions. Well, in this era of digitization we have seen young singers, footballers trying to show their talent to everyone through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So, we all want to know who are these girls?

Meanwhile, check out the reactions on Twitter:

Well, Now we have a hillarious version on this video:

What’s your take on this video, Please share your views with us!

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