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Gaana or is one of the famous commercial music streaming services in the world. This music streaming website was also released in 2010. While the Gaana music download app is available to users all over the world, the music community’s main feature is to broadcast Indian songs. Further, users can also create personal playlists and display to each other.

In this article you are gonna understand how you can download songs from Gaana. Com on iOS, Android, PC and MAC. Check out the whole article to the end.

What is Gaana? is a popular Indian commercial music service which was launched by Times Internet. The site provides international as well as Indian music content. Further, the whole Indian music catalog, which is available to users worldwide features songs from 21 languages which include the major languages such as English, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu,

The app allows users to make their playlists public. While they can view and favorite playlists, the Gaana music app was basically launched to support the operating systems.

In October 2015, Micromax bought a stake in while Tencent too backs the organization with investments over $115 million in the Company.

In May 2018, it also launched gaming innovation in music streaming app. Meanwhile, the music app has also introduced voice assistant feature.


How to Download Music from Gaana on Windows

Very few know that Tipard Screen Capture is one of the best recording programs. Well, the app captures the songs with 100% originality. Meanwhile, you can also get a good experience for enjoying music offline. Further, Screen Capture is also available on the Windows System which also includes Windows 10.

Further, it also has a straightforward interface everyone can use the app without any difficulty. Meanwhile, Screen Capture also supports multiple input sources where one can convert the recorded audio to MP3.

Download Songs with Tipard Screen Capture

  1. First, search the music to download on Gaana then play it in a browser
  2. Then, launch Screen Capture on the desktop. Don’t forget to click on the Audio Recorder tab.
  3. Interestingly, the interface is straightforward with only two buttons and two options. Further, after you enable System Audio will definitely record sound from the computer. Moreover, the Microphone Audio option is used to capture the voice from the microphone. Meanwhile, one can always enable or disable them, which depends on the person’s requirement. Further, one also needs to enable System Audio and disable Microphone Audio.

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How to record songs from Gaana on Mac

It is interesting to know that Apple has developed perfect pre-installed programs for the users of Mac, such as QuickTime Player. Meanwhile, if you don’t care about the quality of the audio, then you can think of using the record feature of QuickTime Player to get your favorite songs from the site. While the benefit of QuickTime Player is convenient and secure. Further, the recording process is also very easy.

Ways to record music by QuickTime Player

  1. First, Go to Gaana in any browser then search for your favorite song to record it.
  2. After you get the song, please click on the Play button to open it in Gaana player.
  3. Meanwhile, please open QuickTime Player on Mac. Well, you can find the song in the Application folder.
  4. Located to File menu, please choose New Audio Recording to open audio recording window.
  5. Meanwhile, you can also tap on the Down Arrow near the record button. Well, you can easily set the input source as well as the quality.
  6. After you are back to the audio recording window, please try to adjust the microphone volume by moving the slider.
  7. Now, click on the record button to start recording, then play the song to record.
  8. After the song finishes, please tap on the record button to save the audio to your Mac.

How to save Gaana music within the browser

If you don’t know, there are a lot of extensions and add-ons which can help us to use music from the website. Meanwhile, the biggest benefit of download extensions is very easy. While the installation process is not so complicated, one thing you need to do is search and then add the right extension to the browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

.Ways to download songs within the browser

  1. First, search DownloadHelper in Web App Store, then add it to Chrome.
  2. After DownloadHelper is successfully installed, the icon will appear on the ribbon-shaped as 3 colorful points.
  3. Now visit the  website and search for the song to download.
  4. Here, you must play the song to download then click on DownloadHelper icon on ribbon area to open it.
  5. Meanwhile, you will now see that the song appears in the cache section. Now, if the song does not show up, you can now press F5 to reload the songs.
  6. Further, you can also download button then choose a folder to save the song.
  7. Also, you can enjoy the song on your computer.

Steps to Download Gaana song to MP3 for free

  1. Import Gaana Music URL

First, go to ; browse the genres or the homepage to search the song which users want to download. Meanwhile, please copy the URL then paste it to Allavsoft. Further, drag and drop the song URL to Allavsoft.

  1. Final output format setting 

After the first step, it will download the music to MP3, by default. However, if you want to download the Gaana song to different audio formats you can then click the “Automatically Convert to” button to select your song from the General Audio category.

  1. Initiate the process of downloading the Gaana music to MP3

Please, click the “Download” button to finish downloading process. Well,  you can now download free Gaana song to MP3 for free.

Now, you can also use Internet Download Manager which is also another application for Windows.  Meanwhile, you can now install the IDM program on the PC and then open it. After this, you can also access Gaana and play the song you want to save.

So, what are you waiting for? Well, it’s time to download and listen to the latest MP3, Hindi, Bollywood songs.

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