Chhath Puja 2021 Mp3 Songs Download: Top 10 Sharda Sinha Songs (Updated)

Heading home for Chhath? Download this top 10 Chhath Puja Songs by Sharda Sinha.

While Thekua–Gujiya, Kaddu-Bhaat and Gur ki Kheer is the most popular dish that is prepared during Chhath Puja, Bihar’s popular singer Padma Shri Sharda Sinha’s chhath puja song beautifully captures the mood of the festival.

From Ho Deenanath to Hey Chhathi Maiya,  sharda sinha chhath songs folk are very popular in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh along with Madhesh region of Nepal.

Through her chhath puja songs, Sharda is requesting people to come to Bihar during the festival of Chhath Puja.

Before heading towards top 10 Sharda Sinha songs, here is here latest track released on the Covid Theme for Chhath 2021.

Aisan Bipatiya Ayel | अइसन बिपतिया आएल | Full Song |Sharda Sinha Chhath 2021

We know how special the festive of Chhat Puja is in your life so from all Sharda Sinha classic hits, we have selected the best of sharda sinha chhath geet mp3 songs here, Check it out:

1. Supawo Naa Mile Maai

Sharda Sinha’s Chhath Puja songs always touch the heart of fans with her melodious voice. Meanwhile, Supawo Naa Mile Maai is one of the popular songs of Sharda Sinha, who has come out with two new songs on Chhath after almost a decade in 2016.

2. Kelwa Ke Paat Par

Chhath Puja is such a beautiful and an auspicious eve and on this occasion, a Sharda Sinha song is very special. Meanwhile, Kelwa Ke Paat Par is yet another devotional song sung of Sharda Sinha which celebrates the festival of Chhath Puja.

3. Ho Deenanath

In the Indian culture, we love to pray to and worship our God and Goddess. Well, Ho Deenanath is one of those popular Chhath songs which is dedicated to the Sun God.

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4. Sab Milke Aaj Bolo

Have you heard Sab Milke Aaj Bolo song, which is a special Chhath song from the Bhojpuri movie Arag.

5. Uthau Sooraj Bhaile Bihaan

Sharda Sinha has created some beautiful Chhath Puja songs  and Uthau Sooraj Bhaile Bihaan is one among them.

6. Pahile pahil chhathi maiya

Sharda Sinha whose last album of devotional songs was released in 2006, became popular with a fabulous Chhath song Pahile pahil chhathi maiya.

7. Sakal Jagtarini Hey Chhathi Mata

The song Sakal Jagtarini Hey Chhathi Mata showcases the special way in which Chhath Puja is celebrated in Northern parts of Bihar.

8. Hey Chhathi Maiya

To those who have heard the song, Hey Chhathi Maiya will understand how Sharda Sinha has beautifully said about the love of devotees towards God and the festival.

9. Chhathi Maiya Aai Na Duariya

Do you know that Chhathi maiya aai na duariya is one of those lovely traditional songs of Sharda Sinha? Well, you must listen to this popular Chhath Puja below:

10. Hey Ganga Maiya

We know the importance of holy songs on the occasion of Chhath Puja. Meanwhile, Hey Ganga Maiya is one of the special songs of Sharda Sinha.

Who is Sharda Sinha ?

Born in the Mithila region of Bihar, Sharda Sinha is the renowned folk-singer of the region. Meanwhile, she is popular for singing in Magahi, Maithili, and Bhojpuri languages. Further, she is famous for her version of the Chhath Puja themed song ‘Pahile pahil chhathi maiya’. While devotees love to play her songs every year which defines her popularity.

To the uninitiated, Sharda Sinha performs regularly during Durga Puja festivals. Further, she has also performed when the Prime Minister of Mauritius Navin Ramgoolam had visited Bihar. Further, her other songs such as Bahangi Lachakat JaayePatna Ke Ghat Par, Roje Roje UgelaaSuna Chhathi Maai, and Jode Jode Supawa are among the popular Chhath Puja Mp3 songs.  Meanwhile, it is interesting to know that Sharda Sinha has sung around 62 Chhath songs in 9 albums released by HMV, Tips, and T-Series. Indeed, this shows her love and devotion to the famous festival of North India.

When is Chhath Puja in 2021?

Chhath Puja is celebrated on Kartika Shukla Shashthi, the 6th day of the month of Kartika in the Vikram Samvat. According to Gregorian English Calendar, the festival basically falls in the month of October or November. While the 4-day festival will start from 8th November 2021 and will end on 11 November 2021. Further, Chhath Puja is on the 10th(sunset) and 11th(sunrise) of November 2021. Moreover, Chhath is also celebrated in the month of March–April, on Chaitra Shashthi.

Meanwhile, Sharda’s chhath puja song mp3 hindi are favorites among the people of Bihar.

Play, listen and enjoy chhath puja mp3 dj songs download  and sharda sinha bhojpuri songs mp3 free download

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