How This Boy, A Son Of A Police Cop Kicked And Slapped A Woman Is Really Disgusting To Watch

Seriously, Well, you will be depressed to see this viral video in which a boy is mercilessly beating an innocent woman on Twitter. In the video, a man who is known as Rohit Tomar is spotted brutally slapping a woman and then forcefully dragging her by her hair to the ground.

Further, the boy can be seen showing his dominance shouts at her. According to reports, the disturbing video was filmed in one of the BPOs of Delhi’s Tilak Nagar.

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After the video went viral, it was informed that Tomar is the son of Delhi Police Officer, Ashok Singh Tomar. Further, it was informed that the video was recorded on  September 02, 2018  around 3 pm in a BPO, which was basically owned by the abuser’s friend, Ali Hasan.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the accused who could be seen using his knees and elbows to hurt the woman is a member of the ‘Bajrang Dal’

Now, after watching the disturbing video, Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh said that he had talked to the Delhi Police Commissioner and has requested to take a strict action against the accused as soon as possible.

As per NDTV,  no one reported the incident to the police until yesterday, when a young woman not in the video, filed a complaint and revealed that she was the fiancee of the attacker.

She also reported the police and said that she had cancelled her wedding with the accused after watching her fiance harassing a woman in the video.

Later, she further claimed that he had hit a colleague at the office. Now the accused has lodged an FIR in the police where she said that Tomar had called her to his friend’s office which is located in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. Moreover, she claimed that Tomar had tried to make physical relations with her without her consent.

Unfortunately, when the victim tried to threaten him with a police complaint, Tomar even beat him up with retaliation. Now a second FIR has been filed against Rohit Tomar for rape in Uttam Nagar police station as well.

Also, the police filed a case against the boy under Section 506 and 354 of IPC  following which he was arrested on Friday afternoon.

Indeed, this is a disgrace for the entire humanity.

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