The Best Android TV in India 2019- Reviews and Comparisons


Television technology has won pace from the past few years. Now, the price of the Large Screen HD and UHD 4K TVs had also come down, and the new generation prefers to renovate their TV lounge with the latest LED android TVs. The latest TVs with different brand and size are located in the showroom to catch the eyes of the people. Most of the people now like to purchase the best android TV.

As technology is advancing, people around are also advancing to select the best model. Upon doing our thorough research on the best Android TV in India, we found what consumer looks when they are going to purchase a TV. The technology, size, and price are three significant factors that the customer vets before he decides to buy.

In this article, we can describe what the best Android TV in India is in 2019 among many of the ultra-modern SMART and non-smart TVs based on two above-mentioned main parameters–the price and the size. These models are mainly based on our thorough research and handpicked after careful contrast and examination.

We will also speak about the top TV brands available in India. We will also provide valuable hints and tips that would assist you in making a wiser decision for shopping TV.

Here are Top 10 Best Android TV in India

1:- Samsung 49 Inch UA49N5300AR Full HD LED Smart Android TV

The Samsung 49 Inch HD LED Smart TV is the high-quality Smart TV available in India. You will find some main features in this TV such as;

  • It comes with Dolby Digital speakers.
  • You can download your favorite apps from the App store according to your own convenience.
  • You do not need any additional set-top box due to the feature of a CF card on the TV.
  • You can also mirror your smartphone connected to your smart Android TV.
  • Price details: ₹ 45,999.00


  • The Samsung TV comes with1920 X 1080 pixels screen resolution is.
  • It has full HD picture quality with LED display technology. With the support HDR, you can make display lively.
  • Samsung 49 Inch HD LED Smart TV comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • It has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port to help ARC, a CF card slot, 1 aerial cable, 1 LAN Port and some digital audio connectivity alternatives.
  • With the in-built Wi-Fi and Ethernet option, you can easily connect your TV with the internet.
  • The TV is powered by a quad-core processor to make it active and fast.
  • It comes with a standard IR based remote for easy navigation use. The TV runs on Tizen-interface, mainly developed by Samsung. You will find many other features.
  • Samsung 49 Inch HD LED Smart TV comes with a one-year warranty.


  1. It has no voice assistant or remote control.

2:- Sony Bravia 32 Inch KLV-32W672F Full HD LED Smart Android TV

The Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED Smart TV is the second one on the best quality Smart TVs available in India. It comes with a lot of features, some of the main features are as under;

  • It comes with excellent visual display as well as audio quality.
  • You can also customize the navigation language among the Indian languages.
  • It has security features against surge, humidity, lightning, and dirt.
  • Price Details: ₹ 28,999.00


  • The Sony Bravia, 32 Inch TV, comes with 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution. It has also fully HD LED display.
  • It has a one-year warranty so you can use it easily without any trouble.
  • The Sony Bravia comes with 50 Hz refresh rate. It is comparatively lower rate when we compare it with other Sony models.
  • The Sony Bravia TV has an AC Power Cord with Table Top Stand, Two Batteries, and Remote Control.
  • You will find built-in woofers, and sound outputs of the Smart TV puts out 30 watts.
  • The Sony Bravia TV has a standard remote with some unique buttons for YouTube, Netflix, and many other features.
  • The TV comes with HDMI ports to connect it with the Blu-rays and the set-top box.
  • You will find two USB ports, LAN connection as well as WiFi to connect it with the internet.


  • It comes with a low refresh rate.

3:- Samsung 43 inch UA43N5300AR Full HD LED Smart TV

The Samsung 43’’ Full HD LED Smart TV is the third android TV in our list for India. There are some unique features you will find this TV, some are mentioned as following;

  • It comes with remarkable watching angles.
  • It has 43’’ screen size.
  • Comes with a 50 Hz refresh rate.
  • It provides the images with lower distortion
  • It has a fantastic sound with a high-power built-in sound system.
  • Price details: ₹ 37,999.00


  • It comes with an ultra-easy watch features so that you can watch its images without any distortion.
  • We find four in all corner sound output for equal sound balance in the whole room. Due to this feature, you will get unparalleled cinematic sound quality.
  • It comes with an inbuilt set-top box.
  • It comes with two HDMI ports and one USB port for additional connections.
  • This smart TV has divided the screen into zones. It has used a micro dimming pro-era which analyzes each sector for the cleaner whites and the deeper blacks.
  • Samsung 43’’ Full HD LED Smart TV comes with full HD LED display with 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution.
  • This TV comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It comes with only one USB port.

4:- Sony Bravia 49 inch KDL-49W800F Full HD LED Smart Android TV

The Sony Bravia 49’’ Full HD LED Smart Android TV is the 4th best Smart TV in our list for India. It has some unique features, which make this TV the best TV among android TVs when we compare to its competitors. Some of the main features are as under;

  • It comes with a Full HD resolution.
  • It provides superior sound quality with the bass reflex speaker.
  • It is lightweight, portable, and an amazing look.
  • The TV has the feature of voice search.
  • It comes with an Android Smart TV.
  • Price Details: ₹ 63,490.00


  1. The Sony Bravia 49’’ Smart Android TV has complete HD decision with 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution.
  2. It comes with the 50-Hertz refresh rate.
  3. Due to the X-Reality Pro feature, you can enjoy clarity and clear picture. It reduces noise, which provides extra clarity to the pictures.
  4. It comes with a compact speaker box to provide intense sound with background clarity. Due to the feature of Clear Audio+, you can enhance every emotional bit of the dialogues and music.
  5. This TV has a remote control to control each your TV as well as DTH box. It has an IR blaster so you can make managing easily.
  6. One is the unique feature of this TV that Moreover, it has many additional activities; for example, you can now create and share the collaborative track playlist.
  7. X-Protection Pro provides you extra safety. It comes with an anti-humidity coating to save you short circuits due to extra moisture.


  • It has no Bluetooth function.

5:- LG 49 Inch 49UK6360PTE 4K UHD LED Smart  Android TV

The LG 49’’ 4K UHD LED Android TV is the fifth high-class smart TV on our list. This TV comes with some unique and remarkable features. Some are as under:

  • . It has a much wider watching attitude with vibrant, brilliant colorations.
  • It has a display length of 123 cm or 49 inches.
  • This TV comes with the 50-Hertz refresh rate.
  • It has 20 Watts Output.
  • Price Details: ₹ 52,912.00


  • The LG 49’’ LED android TV has complete 4K UHD display with a display with 3840 x 2160 pixels screen resolution.
  • LG 49’’ LED Android TV comes with 3-HDMI ports, 2 USB port to connect USB and other external devices.
  • This smart TV has in-built Wi-Fi to give access to Amazon Prime and Netflix etc.
  • With Bluetooth feature, you can connect your HTS soundbar and the Bluetooth Headset with your smart TV.
  • With Cloud Picture and Video app, you can watch pictures and videos on a big-screen TV.
  • The LG 49’’ LED android TV provides a one-year warranty of maintenance.
  • The product has a magic remote control for instant TV with fast App launch.


  • It calls for a fixed-top field.

6:- LG 55 Inch 55UK6360PTE 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The LG 55 Inch 4K UHD LED TV is the sixth-best smart TV in our list for India. There are many best and innovative features available in this model by LG Company.

  • It has the best sound system to provide the best sound in the room.
  • The screen length is significant and is of 55 inches.
  • It has integrated Wi-Fi.
  • It comes with a 120-Hertz refresh rate.
  • Price Details: ₹ 61,985.00


  • It has a plastic stand as well as plastic Bezel with excellent material.
  • LG 55 Inch 4K UHD LED TV comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate to produce a smooth motion. You will find no blurriness at the display.
  • Due to 3840 x 2160, pixels screen resolution and full UHD LED screen, you will find a wider range of contrast in every movement.
  • LG 55 Inch 4K UHD LED TV has a magic remote to browse your smart TV from any side of your room and to make convenient use.
  • Smart TV has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for extra connections.
  • The LG ThinQ Al provides you an interactive experience. Natural Language Processing provides intelligent voice-activated control.
  • LG 55 Inch 4K UHD LED TV comes with a one-year warranty.
  • DTS Digital X post-processing technology provides immense sound quality.


  • LG provides limited access to apps.

7:- LG 43 Inch 43UK6360PTE 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The LG 43’’ 4K UHD LED Smart TV is another best smart android TV provides an excellent feature. It 7th best Smart TV on our list for India.

  • This LED Smart TV comes with a video calling choice.
  • The watching angles are wide.
  • This Smart TV comes with numerous picture modes in addition to a very good active
  • This LED android smart TV provides you three modes of sound.
  • This smart TV comes with an in-built music player.
  • Price Details: ₹ 40,899.00


  • This smart Android TV comes of 3840 X 2160 pixels 4k UHD resolution and all LED display. The active HDR provides amazingly perfect picture quality.
  • This TV comes with the 50-Hertz refresh rate.
  • You will find an ELED backlight with an IPS panel.
  • LG 43’’ 4K UHD LED Smart TV comes with LAN port, 2 USB ports, audio/video connection ports, 3 HDMI ports, and a digital optical audio port.
  • The smart TV has 2.Zero channel speakers with 20 Watts to provide excellent sound. You do not need any external speaker or sound system. You will find surrounding speakers with Dolby Digital Decoder and DTS digital.
  • It has a standard TV remote, which is very responsive. This also comes with integrated voice control along with the air mouse. You will also see the options of Netflix and Amazon Prime in the remote.
  • Moreover, LG 43’’ 4K UHD LED Smart TV lets permits multitasking. You can watch TV shows and also browse the internet.


  • You can download apps and games only from the LG store.

8:- LG 43 Inch 43LK5760PTA Full HD LED Smart TV

The LG 43’’ Full HD LED Smart TV is one the best HD LED TVs with a lot of features.  It is the 8th best smart TV in our list. Some main features are;

  • It has a video calling feature.
  • It comes with wide watching angles.
  • It has Miracast feature.
  • It has a built-in music player that supports lyrics.
  • Price Details: ₹ 41,900.00


  • The smart TV comes with a complete HD display and a 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution. It gives clear picture quality.
  • It comes with the 50-Hertz refresh rate.
  • It has a set-top box, Blue Ray gamers, and 2 HDMI ports to connect the external devices. This also provides 1 USB port to attach the USB devices.
  • This TV provides woofer sounds, Dolby Digital Plus, and wireless sound to provide thrilling and crystal clean sound.
  • It has the LG’s very special Magic remote to give access to easy and convenient voice operation. The ThinQ Al provides you a super experience.
  • You will share and control feature to connect your smartphone with your Smart Android TV.


  • You can download the best apps and games only from the LG app store.

9:- Sony 43 Inch KDL-43W800F Full HD LED Smart Android TV

The Sony 43’’ Full HD LED Smart Android TV is 9th best quality Smart TV according to our experts available in India. It has some unique and specific features.

  • It has a Full HD 1920 x 1080p screen resolution.
  • This TV has 4 HDMI ports
  • It comes with built-in Chromecast
  • This TV has 10 watts audio output
  • It provides classic sound due to its Bass Reflex speakers.`
  • Price Details:


  1. This TV includes HDR screen and X-Reality Pro for watching UHD movies or active gaming at the same time.
  2. Due to the voice search console and built-in Wi-Fi, the user can browse channels or live streams at the big decision.
  3. With Bass Reflex speaker, you can listen to the more profound and richer sound. This option enables in high-frequency sound reproduction to hear every detail clearly.
  4. This smart Android TV includes Google Play to download apps, or games and play them with uninterrupted service. You can even play video games offline after downloading.
  5. This smart HD android TV has a one-year producer warranty. Therefore, it has the right after-sale service
  6. It has 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI ports for external device’s connectivity. You can connect multiple external devices simultaneously.


  1. The high dynamic gaming feature is not good.

10:- Sony Bravia 55 Inch KD-55X7002F 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The Sony Bravia 55’’ 4K UHD LED Smart TV comes with innovative features and picture qualities. It is one of the beast android TVs, equipped with the latest technology features. Some features are as following;

  • It has in-built Wi-Fi.
  • It comes with 4K HDR.
  • The smart TV includes a bass reflex speaker.
  • It has easy cable managing.
  • This TV comes with the huge screen around 55’’ and powerful sound due to top bass reflex speakers.
  • Price details: ₹ 88,490.00


  • The Sony Bravia 55’’ 4K UHD LED Smart TV comes with full 4K HDR screen with 3840 X 2160 pixels screen resolution.
  • It has 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports for external connectivity of the devices.
  • You can now enjoy playing HDR video games to your Smart TV. It gives a vibrant display color with superb responsive.
  • This TV comes with ClearAudio+ for the better and amazing watching experience. This feature enhances the sound to create a cinematic atmosphere. It provides extraordinary sound quality.
  • The android system enables you to play your favorite things about your cellphone now on your Smart TV. You need to use the Plug and play option to share your, music, videos, or images from other devices.


  • It has no Bluetooth feature.

How to select the best Android LED Smart TV

You have decided to buy your first smart android television after a great deal deliberation, and now you have an option to select the perfect size according to your room requirement and budget and select the suitable brand.

There are a few things that should sort before selecting any good brand. You can bear in mind some things HDR AND WCG, screen resolution, Operating system, Upscaling, soundbar which will help you to select the best android TV.


Size is the main question to bear in mind when you select the best smart TV. 55-inch tv is one of the favorite size considered.

  • Now, the question arises what size of TV I should purchase. Simply measure the distance of between your planned watching place and your TV, for example, you suppose to watch at 150 inches, divide it with 3 so 150/3 so the result will be 50 inches. This is the exact size you need for your room, according to Samsung.
  • Use a stand despite placing at the wall; it’ll shorten the watching distance and sizes of your required TV.


You will find four types of display technology, such as.


  • Consumes more electricity
  • Dissipates extra heat in comparison to Led
  • The cheapest of all technologies


  • Have better contrast level and better image quality than LCD TV.
  • Have better colors option the use of RGB Backlighting especially.
  • Have less power consumption than LCD ones.
  • The blacks are darker in Led than LCD.
  • To have better-watching angles search for IPS in QLED, OLED or LED television already have IPS.


  • QLED used quantum dot technology, especially by Samsung.
  • It has higher black levels and reproduces more colors than LED TV.
  • It can reproduce better white levels than OLED.
  • It has a thicker screen display than OLED.


  • Each pixel is lit individually, so, OLED can produce deeper blacks as individual pixel can become off absolutely.
  • OLED Stands for Organic LED
  • It has the thinnest display screen.
  • It is LG’s technology


The resolution one of the main part when selecting the best smart TV as it determines the clarity of the picture. It is actually the number of pixels in one square inch used for picture quality so that the higher pixels will create better quality. Currently, three forms of resolutions are available.

  1. HD Ready- These type of pixels starts from 720P, which is suitable for 32-inch length for your room, is small.
  2. Full HD- starts with 1080P is good for more than 32 inches room onwards.
  • UHD- 3840 x 2160 or 4K available from 42 inches to onwards.

If you want to proof your investment for future then buying a 4K TV is the best option for you.  We expect that most of the content will be shot in 4K in the future, especially in the future, as Indian TV channels are not using 4k content currently. With the release of different broadband high-speed internet services such as Jio Giga fiber, you will find more contents in 4K.


If you are going to purchase a 4K TV, it’s far an excellent idea to search for an HDR well-suited set, and it’ll provide a better contrast among whites and blacks and better colors. The HDR-10 is industry preferred, but you will discover Dolby HDR that is more high-end 4K television.  Samsung has provided its own HDR-10 Plus resolution, according to your price range you can opt for the HDR standard.

You can also get your future proof 4K TV with the selection of a UHD premium sticker.

Please be aware that you need an HDR set-top box for playing HDR content which is rarely available in India, but you can want content on Netflix or Amazon with the option of HDR-enabled 4K TV.

WCG is likewise a feature worth observing, and it offers you higher color reproduction and brighter colors on television with the feature of WCG.

10-bit color intensity

If you are going to purchase the 4K TV, then make sure that your television has a 10-bit coloration intensity it’s going to let 1024 color colors, in comparison with lower 8-bit color depth TV’s will allow for most effective 256 colors. You will find some televisions having even higher 12-bit color depth; however; a 10-bit is enough for HDR. It means that you would understate differences between colors to your picture and it is going to be more accurate.


As we discussed earlier, your TV channels do not stream 4K content but you can get full HD upscaling. Now you will find a gap in terms pixels; complete HD is 1920 x 1080.

The pixels which your TV channels sending during while your TV can screen you 3840 x 2160 Pixels, so in case you watch full HD content to your 4K TV without upscaling then you may see only the t 25% of your television like the rest of the screen might be blank.

Most televisions have picture engines that tackle the gap problem by filling in the blank areas, but low-cost televisions cannot do upscaling properly. To upscale as a minimum, you may use the thumb rule, more expensive the better.

How to check the upscaling feature when you go for shopping?

When you visit any shop, demand the remote and turn on the cinema mode or the natural mode.

Then search for a few NON-HD and HD channels in TV’s, you will notice the main difference within the quality of the image in the TV channels without good quality picture engine.

You will find a more significant difference in big size televisions.


One of the main feature to bear in mind is connectivity. You will find many different types of connectivity ports on a smart TV. Here are some connectivity types used in most smart TVs:

HDMI: The abbreviation of High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the main connectivity port that you will find in smart televisions. This connectivity type provides you video transmission. Every smart TV comes with at least two or more HDMI ports.

USB: The USB (universal serial port) ports the latest types of ports are the best tools connectivity. With USB ports, you can plug-in hard drives, cameras, or pen drives, etc. Every smart TV has at least one USB port with an HDMI port. USB connectivity offers you many services according to your demand.

Internet: Some TVs, along with Smart TVs, can connect to the internet. You can both do that thru Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

  • The models, which have a great variety of HDMI ports on your TV, are considered to the best models when you select the new smart TV. You need to choose and purchase an Android TV, which is having less than 4, you may require to use HDMI ports for set-top box, gaming consoles, soundbar, DVD players, digital cameras and laptops. If the range of HDMI ports is much less, you might not be able to plug all devices or main devices all at once but have to unplug one device to connect other. Besides, if you find more USB ports in a smart Android TV, it will be the best option to purchase the excellent model.
  • If you are planning to purchase a 4K television bear in mind HDCP and HDMI 2.Zero, these are compatible with 4K.
  • Another thing you need to find Bluetooth connectivity to your smart Android TV, you may need it to connect your Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, headphones, and speakers.
  • The output ports types are either RCA output, HDMI arc or 3.5mm jack. HDMI arc is the best option to connect external devices with minimum loss.
  • You may find many smart televisions with Bluetooth remotes these days, which can be much better than the use of infrared remotes for using the excellent range.

Other things

  • As latest technology-based TV’s come to be smarter, they are also becoming thinner and lightweight which leaves little space for perfect the best speakers, do not forget when going to purchase a soundbar to enjoy your smart television watching enjoy.
  • Are you worried about 8K technology? Don’t your 4K would not grow to be out of date that soon. People are in Indian markets merely starting to accept 4K TV’s because the costs are decreasing rapidly, bear in mind 4K content is not being used in Indian channels as explained above for 4K technology. Hence, we can safely say that you do not have any need to purchase for an 8K TV in India at least in the coming few years.
  • If you would like to watch TV in the dark, then choose remote with backlit features so that you can operate it efficiently.
  • Selection of brand is one the best option, so search the best-authorized service center on your town, despite saving a couple of hundreds on cheaper services.
  • Don’t fall for advertising gimmicks such as curved TV, and they do not offer any real benefit over flat ones. On the other hand, they decrease the watching angles and therefore provide you an inferior television watching experience.
  • Don’t buy the smart Android TV based on contrast ratio. Visit a physical Store to find the different despite purchasing from online stores.


These are the top 10 great Smart TV in India with complete buying guide information we have tried to share with you so that you can purchase the best and perfect model of android TV. We have attempted to explain to you the different things that you want to study even as shopping for a brand new TV. We have additionally tried to list down a few new technologies, which are there within the market. You can choose any of the model or brand referred to above according to your necessities.

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