JEE Mains 2018: 7 Myths About IIT Which You Thought Were True

Everyone in their life once has aspired to become an engineer and surprising fact is you are also one of them. On Monday,  after Central Board of Secondary Education  had declared the results of the main Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) you might have understood that getting a seat in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology is not an easy task as only 2.2 lakh got selected for the JEE Advanced from over 12 lakh candidates attempted for JEE Mains 2018.

Now, you might have understood the gap between the number of aspirants and the limited number of seats which has exaggerated the importance of these institutions. So, before you decided to get into IITs, let’s check out few of these myths sorrounding IIT:

1. Ditch your social life for 2 years to get admissions in IIT

We understand cracking JEE Mains and Advanced is the biggest dream of your life but that doesn’t mean you stop watching your dearest TV shows or skip your favourite sport.  Moreover, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to stop having a conversation with friends or family.  So, while preparing for JEE you must know yourself inside out and assess your own strengths and weakness. Meanwhile, you must always remember to focus on understanding basic concepts to increase your chances of cracking the examination.

Also, if you plan your studies well then you will have a good amount of time to have fun. Well! This will always improve your performance and lower your anxiety.

2. Want to crack JEE? Go to Kota

We are aware that you have read many stories of people going to Kota after passing their class 10, 9, 8 or whatever and many of the coaching institutes in Kota also claim that they will make you crack the examination. Well! How can everyone get into IITs? It is simply impossible. In today’s world, it has become a trend to take the help of coaching institutes to study for the exam. You must understand that in an extremely large batch size it becomes too hard to study as there is no personal attention given from the side of the faculties.  For this, a simple solution is to choose reference books also digital learning is a good option.

3. Get ready to be ragged by seniors

If you have heard from that so-called bhaiyya that to be ready to get ragged by that senior then you must not get upset about those things as Supreme court has become strict and is also considering ragging as a criminal offense. Well! Being a fresher, senior might indulge in friendly ragging with you but you must not enter into these things.

4. IIT students are always under pressure

This is one of the common misconception among the students that the curriculum and various tests, vivas, assignments, and practical exams are designed keeping the mindset and capacity of students in mind also many students finds time for extracurricular activities and sports too if they plan to study beforehand.

5. 100% Job Guarantee

Don’t believe those rumours which claim that  IIT is providing 600% placements to all the students. If you do a complete research about these institutions then you will come to know that not every IITian walks out after four years with a job offer in hand even the students who cannot perform over there remain jobless. So, if you believe JEE Advanced is the end of the struggle then you are mistaken because students need to really work hard in order to get a well-paying job.

6. IIT Graduate earns in crore

If you have heard IIT students are getting recruited in Google or Facebook and are earning in crores then you must also that these students very rare as not everyone gets recruited in these big corporations. Moreover, these institutions don’t reveal that there are many students who receive packages ranging from Rs 4-8 lakh per annum.

7. Life is set, once you get a job

This is one of the false rumours prevailing in the society that once you get the IIT brand behind your name your life is set. If you do clear research then you will understand that there are a large number of software developers, mechanical engineers and electronics engineers who are great in their job despite that fact that they did not go to a big college. You must know that if you have proper skills also if you know how to get the job done then you are much ahead of the IITians.

In the end, you must not get disheartened if you are not selected in IITs as you can achieve whatever you want to become provided you work hard in a proper direction.

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