This Teacher From Tamil Nadu Was Handed A Transfer Order And Then What Student’s Did Is Shocking, Here’s The Full Story

G Bhagawan, the English teacher of the Government High School in Veliagaram, Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu who was given a transfer order and the news left the students of the school totally depressed.

Indeed, it was incredible to see that the students even tried to stop the 28-year-old teacher with their love and affection when he was getting ready to walk out of the gates of the school while one student even held him from the back and not allowing him to leave. Meanwhile, Bhagawan himself was sad and was crying as much as his students.

Now, the pictures along with the videos of this emotional moment are going viral on Twitter while the students’ gesture moved even the bureaucracy.

Bhagawan who was transferred to Government High School in Arungulam near Tiruttani but now the deployment has now been put on hold for 10 days. Later,  it will be decided whether he should stay in Veliagaram school or go to the new school.

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Well, This was Bhagawan’s first ever job in a school.

Speaking to TBM, Bhagawan said,  “This is my first ever job in a school. I was appointed as a graduate teacher in Government High School, Veliagaram in 2014.”

Revealing the reason behind his transfer, the English teacher said, “Actually, if you look at the teacher-student ratio I was a surplus staff. So they decided to put me in another school that was short staffed and I got transferred to Tiruttani.”

Bhagawan consoles students

We were literary shocked when Bhagawan revealed that the students, “were hugging and crying and clutching my foot refusing to let me go. Watching them, I broke down.”

Then I took them to the hall and consoled them saying that I’ll be back in a few days,” he added.

Bhagawan now teaches  English for students from class 6 to class 10. Well, he had participated in the  teachers’ transfer counselling which was was held from June 12 to June 21 and Arungulam as his preferred location.

As the students came to know about his transfer, protests began to broke out in school. Moreover, parents to came in support of the children who decided that they would not attend school on Tuesday to stand against government’s decision of transferring Bhagawan.

While students too said that they never felt  this sad for any other teachers who had left the school in past. Indeed, this young man in a simple grey shirt and grey pants is a great inspiration for any teacher in Tamil Nadu.

Played A Role of Friend And Brother

Bhagawan too revealed that he tried to create personal bond with the kids by narrating stories and understanding them.

He said, “I have tried my best to interact with students beyond just academics. I used to narrate stories, understand their family background, talk to them about their future, and show them things via the projector. These projector sessions, in particular, were very enthralling for them. They felt like they were sitting in a cinema hall.”

“It’s probably because of all these new things I tried to do that we developed a real bond. More than a teacher, I’m a friend, a brother to them,” he ended.

Student’s speak

Bhagawan helped the students to improve their English skills.

“Many of us were not comfortable with English but with his encouragement, we were able to improve. He was always available to clear doubts at any time of the day and we could call him even late in the evenings after the special classes,” said Tamilarasan, a student.

It seems that no students wants him to get transferred.

Another student, Nithya, said,“We don’t want him to be transferred. He has been one of the most supportive staff members and has been like a brother to many of us.”

Definitely, we have never spotted such heartfelt events occurring in India

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