How Yesterday’s Loss Reminds Us That The Ronaldo And Messi Era Is Finally Coming To An End

No more Ronaldo or Messi in FIFA world cup 2018, we would have would have never expected this but Argentina’s and Portugal’s loss on Saturday will likely mark the end of an era in the World Cup. Well, Lionel Messi was staring with pain fixed across a face which was once filled with great joy,  now by a brown beard and as the expectations of the fans.

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Around 4 hours later, another football legend Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted angrily shouting in protest just ahead of the final whistle, once again arguing with a referee.
The rant got Ronaldo a 2nd yellow card which would have suspended him for the next match. Well, it doesn’t matter now as Portugal’s story has now come to an end after the loss.
The legendary footballers who have ruled the world for so many years have once again failed to replicate their club success for their countries.
Well, this has definitely left every football fan depressed. Moreover, Messi is now 31 while Ronaldo is already 33 and it is very unlikely that both of them will reach Qatar 2022 or even manage to hang on.

On Saturday, both France’s Kylian Mbappe and Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani had played some exceptional game. As we all know the younger legs have more speed and endurance. Interestingly, Cavani and Mbappe had less pressure and more support.

Unfortunately, Messi could never win a prestigious title for his country as he lost finals at the 2014 World Cup, and 2007, `15 and `16 Copa Americas. Further, he had faced huge criticism at home and had retired from the national team.

While Ronaldo also had lost the semi-final in 2006 but he could never reach the 2nd round again. Meanwhile, under him, Portugal had earlier won its first European Championship in 2016 too, there is nothing going well for both these teams.

If Argentina and Portugal had won on Saturday, the rivals would have the reached the spot in the semifinals. After Messi and Co. lost to France 4-3 in Kazan and Portugal lost to Uruguay 2-1 at Sochi.

Brazil’s Pele and Argentina’s Diego Maradona had brought titles for their countries and are remembered for their achievements. While Messi and Ronaldo will be remembered worldwide for their club success but not for country triumph.

Both the legendary footballers who had become household names worldwide but now it’s time to say goodbye to both of them. Mbappe who is just 19 and others on the list will now lead the football fraternity. Well, it’s time to welcome the new stars.

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