Cristiano Ronaldo Or Lionel Messi: Who Is The Top-rated Player On FIFA 19 Top 10 Player Ratings

Who is the GOAT? The answer is now revealed in this latest news for all the football enthusiasts, well, you must know that football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have recently been selected as the highest-rated players on FIFA 19.

Well, the Portugal star who had won the Ballon d’Or in 2018 was the top player in FIFA 18 in terms of rating (94). Moreover,  in FIFA 19 Ronaldo is on a level with Barcelona star Messi, who rating has now improved by one point to 94.

As they stand equal, so only one could stand at the top and it is none other than Ronaldo due to his individual stats.

Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar ranks 3rd on 92 and now we have a newcomer in Real Madrid’s Luka Modric is on 4th with 91, who was earlier not among the top 10 players in the previous edition of the game.

Further, Manchester United’s David De Gea is now the only goalkeeper to star in FIFA 19’s top 10 highest-rated stars and comes in with an awesome rating of 91. Also, Sergio Ramos García is now the only defender present, with 91 ratings.

Eden Hazard, who ranks 6th, with a total of 91 ratings, has an improvement of one mark from the previous year, Now Antoine Griezmann might not be happy with the ratings as he once said that he deserves to be in the top 3 of the Ballon d’Or voting. Well, he is ranked 18th with a rating of 89.

Kylian Mbappe, who is the World Cup’s outstanding young player is the 2nd most expensive player ever behind Neymar, with a rating of 87.

While Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, and Gonzalo Higuain who were among the top 10’s last year are now ranked 11, 12 and 38 respectively.

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Here is the list of top 10 rated players of FIFA 19:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus – 94

2. Lionel Messi, Barcelona – 94

3. Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain – 92

4. Luka Modric, Real Madrid – 91

5. Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City – 91

6. Eden Hazard, Chelsea – 91

7. Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid – 91

8. Luis Suarez, Barcelona – 91

9. David De Gea, Manchester United – 91

10. Toni Kroos, Real Madrid – 90

As we all know that Ronaldo and Messi have dominated world football for over a decade, we are not at all surprised to see them at the head of the list.

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