Maharashtra: Govt signs Rs.35000 crore deal with Mumbai-based rooftop aircraft maker, Amol Yadav

After several months Directorate General of Civil Aviation decided to clear the six-seater aircraft that was built by Thrust Aircraft Pvt Ltd, the Maharashtra Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company that is promoted by Amol Yadav in order to organize an indigenous factory for small aircraft and establish Palghar as an aviation hub.

Much before the aircraft built by Amol Yadav was officially tested, the state government decided to enter into a joint venture with him.

As per the reports, the joint venture between Thrust Aircraft and Maharashtra Industries Development Association is estimated to be around Rs.35,000 crore.

While the state has decided to allocate Yadav’s firm 157 acres of land at Kelwe in Palghar district, roughly 140km north of Mumbai as per the MoU signed at the ‘Magnetic Maharashtra’ investors’ summit.

Moreover, the commercial aircraft pilot said,” he is happy with the mindful of responsibility and development ahead.

Commenting on six-seater aircraft built by his company, he said, “We are awaiting a few components. They have come to India and are with the Customs. Once they are fitted [into the aircraft] we will have the official test flight in March or April.”

While aviation experts have enquired about the reasoning behind the joint venture.

On February 15, 2018, Amol was appreciated by President Ramnath Kovind for his work.

Former Air Force pilot Vipul Saxena said that the government should have provided alike opportunities to admirers who are keen to design or manufacture aircraft.

Further,  Vipul added, “Technically, such proposals should have been evaluated by a team of experts and with due diligence.”

Expressing his views on promoting young minds, he said, “Even if it was the case of promoting young minds or indigenous production of aircraft, the government should have given a similar opportunity to others as well.”

Saxena added, “I am not denying his dedication. They [DGCA] cannot approve the design unless it has been copied with only a few alterations in pre-existing design. There are set guidelines by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).”

Also, he said, “There are world-class labs where prototypes of planes are tested on various parameters. The government should have set up an aviation committee through the ministry of civil aviation to evaluate the proposal in terms of return on investment (ROI) if it is being funded for commercial purposes.”

While Amol Yadav said that as per MOU one part will be done by him, while the other part will be completed by the government. In his words, “I will be responsible for building the aircraft and appointing an agency to build the facility on the allotted land, while the government will provide the funds for basic amenities, etc.”

In order to build a six-seater plan, Amol Yadav had to spend 6 years, which now carries the registration number VT-NMD, after the initials of chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Moreover, to build the airplane on the rooftop of the building in Kandivili Yadav had to sell the house well as spend Rs.4 crore.

In February 2016, during the Make in India week, the aircraft was put on the exhibition. At the present time, the aircraft is parked at the airport.

Meanwhile, the plane was put together under the guidance of an advisory panel of IIT-B professors and retired Air Marshal Murali Sundaram. Moreover, it is 10.8 feet high and is made of aluminum.

Commenting about the roadblocks he faced after getting the required permissions, Yadav said, “After a long battle of six years, the aircraft was finally registered in November 2017, after a follow-up by CM and with the help of the PMO.”

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