Historical moment for India as ISRO launches 100th satellite, Cartosat-2

ISRO hit century as Cartosat-2 successfully reach the orbit

ISRO’s much anticipated launch was under scrutiny after its failure in previous launch which happened around four months ago but the space agency managed to shut down the mouth of its critics after the successful launch of its  100th satellite.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi lauded the efforts of ISRO on twitter while congratulating the scientists of ISRO on the successful launch of PSLV also he believed that the early success in New Year will bring benefits to the country.

In the early morning around 9:29 AM, ISRO had sent its rocket which was carrying the 100th satellite. The PSLV usually referred to as Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle took off from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The last launch  of ISRO was IRNSS-1H, the first satellite which was made privately had failed due to some accident so the pressure of launching the 100th satellite was massive on the scientists; thus, the flight of the 42nd PSLV brought great relief to scientists.

Here are some significant facts related to this launch

  1. The countdown for the launch of the PSLV had started on Thursday around 5.29 AM. The process of placing the orbits will take around 2 hours 21 minutes.
  2. The whole process was done through “multiple burn technology” in which the engine of rocket is switched on and off in order to control the height.
  3. The 30 satellites include 2 from India and 28 from other countries including France, Canada, United Kingdom, Finland , Korea and United States.
  4. NAVIC which is a system of seven satellites usually powers India’s GPS or Global Positioning System.

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