30-year-old Iram Habib Becomes The First Kashmiri Muslim Woman To Become A Pilot

Jammu and Kashmir may be in the news for the wrong reasons yet the recent news of Iram Habib, becoming the first Kashmiri Muslim woman to become a pilot gives every Indian female a motivation that dreams do come true.

Meanwhile, it’s time to congratulate this 30-year-old resident of Srinagar who is all set to join a private airline in September.

Earlier, Tanvi Raina, a Kashmiri Pandit had become a pilot in Air India in 2016 while 21-year-old Ayesha Aziz from J&K had become the valley’s first student pilot.

Iram Habib convinces her parents

As per Times of India report, Iram’s father is a supplier of surgical instruments while becoming a pilot was her childhood ambition she gave up a short-term goal of getting a doctorate degree in forestry to become a pilot.

Meanwhile, Iram said to the Times of India that she had finished her basic training from Miami in the US in 2016.

“Everyone was surprised to find that I am a Kashmiri Muslim doing flying but I went ahead to achieve my goal,” she said,

As per the report in Tribune,  it took her almost “6 years to convince her parents” to allow her to pursue a career in flying. Being from a conservative Muslim family, it was difficult for her to convince her parents.

After pursuing her bachelors in forestry from Dehradun, she later finished her postgraduation in forestry from the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Kashmir.

Even after studying forestry, she never let her dreams die.

“Somehow, the dream to fly an aircraft was in me all through while I studied forestry,” said Iram. Though Iram’s family wanted her to pursue PhD in forestry and then take a government job, Iram had some different plans for herself as she kept looking for options to train as a pilot.

Iram Habib left PhD to pursue her dreams

“I pursued PhD for one and a half years but left it and went to a US flight school,” she said. Further, she said, “I looked for things on my own and kept my dream alive.”

After completing her training from Miami in the US in 2016, she returned to India to get a commercial pilot licence, yet the whole journey was never easy for her.

Speaking about her journey, she said, “I had to study hard and pass exams. In the US, I had 260 hours of flying experience which is important for the licence,”

 “I got a commercial pilot licence in the US and Canada on the basis of my flying hours but I wanted to work in India,” she added.

Relatives shocked with her achievement

She revealed that though her father supported her, her friends and relatives would always say her that a Kashmiri girl can never get a job as a pilot.

Well, her relatives even now cannot believe that she flies an aircraft. Further, she said that she has trained in Dubai and Bahrain in Airbus 320.

Now she has 2 job offers in India at the moment.

“During my training and exams everyone would be surprised to see a woman from Kashmir as a pilot, but there was no discrimination.” said Imam.

 I worked hard and got a job offer from IndiGo and GoAir. I am set to join as a first officer in IndiGo next month,” she added.

We congratulate Iram Habib and wish that she touches more heights of success.

Indeed, Iram’s story is an inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams and make it big in their life.

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