Do you hate forwarded messages, spam on WhatsApp? This new feature will give you a big relief – Find out what it is

One of the most popular messaging app WhatsApp aims to put an end to all the unsolicited messages sent worldwide.

The messaging app owned by Facebook is in the process of developing a new feature that will highlight a forwarded message. While it will also help the users to distinguish between a spam message and a regular message.

According to, this new feature is available in WhatsApp Google Play Beta Programme, version 2.18.67.

Moreover, the new feature will display a small bubble along with that a string of Forwarded Message that will start to appear under it that have been forwarded from other chat.

If a message has been shared a lot of times that particular message will be highlighted under the bubble.

WhatsApp introduces new App

Apart from that, in January WhatsApp launched a new business app for medium and small businesses in several countries including UK, India, Italy, Mexico, United States and Indonesia. Users from these countries can download the app from the Google Play Store these countries.


Meanwhile, WhatsApp is looking forward to introducing this new feature in more countries.

This new business app is particularly introduced for business purposes and targets only business organisations.

Various business organisations across the globe are testing the beta version of the app that includes Netflix India and BookMyShow.

The app also includes features such as Account Type, Business Profiles, Messaging Statistics and Messaging Tools that includes greeting messages, away messages and quick replies.

According to a report by WABeta Info WhatsApp basically follows a particular process to check whether a particular business can be provided with a green badge to make it verified.

While it means that the messaging app has some internal checks to identify whether a business can be verified or not.

WABeta Info said, “You have to do nothing to get the verified badge on WhatsApp: you mustn’t send a request to WhatsApp, you mustn’t ask them to have it and sending to them some documents that demonstrate that your business exists and it’s real is totally useless.”

Well! A regular cannot get its account verified just to have a green badge next to their name.

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