Download Free Hindi Music – Top 5 Websites (2019)

Since you’re here, it’s more than apparent that you’re a devotee of Hindi music. Aren’t you? You fancy stuffing your playlist with hundreds if not thousands of Hindi songs and flaunting it in front of your friends. None of us is free from that temptation. So for that reason, we’ve brought to you, today, our pick of some of the best websites to download free Hindi music that you love.


1:- (Converter)

You must’ve been aware of the fact that you can’t directly download a song from YouTube to your device. Right? So what? There are quite a few websites out there for downloading Hindi music for free that you just stumbled across on YouTube. One of the most popular amongst these is Apart from YouTube, they support loads of other websites as well including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Ted, and many more.


2:- (Free Music Download)

You can find more than 2 million music titles on this website containing a variety of Punjabi and Hindi music available for free download. They don’t ask for the signup and other BS. Just put the song name in the search bar, hit enter and you’d exactly get what you want. They sometimes download 128 kbps version even when 320 kbps is clicked, but that’s rather rare. Anyway, this is not the only website of its kind. We’ve got a few more.


3:- (Free Music Download)

Along with free music, this website has much more to offer to its users, including wallpapers, games, and such. It’s clean, tidy, minimal, and has no ads or shady pop-ups so you’d not be bound to wander to and fro without reaching the desired destination. It exactly does what it should and what it’s meant for. Although we subconsciously know that you don’t need a video guide to learn how this website works, we still made it.


4:- (Free Music Download)

In terms of design, they are a bit more inclined to the sophisticated side than their competitors, which portrays them as professionals in the realm. But who cares? We only want to download songs and that too for free. Well, here you can do that also. They have a unique feature on their website that lets users search for singers, music directors, composers, and then display the appropriate results. Please refer to the video to see how you can download any song you want for free from this website.


5:- (Free Music Download)

The purest and the most uncomplicated website we’ve come across is They don’t send you to different pages for each step or ask you to copy and paste YouTube URL to convert it into mp3, which is annoying but inevitable. But now, you don’t need to use two different websites for downloading your favorite song. They do it all here on a single webpage. Search the song title, click on the download, select your option, and that’s it. The page doesn’t ever refresh until the last step. This is one of our favorite websites and is at the top of our recommendations.


On the whole

No matter what website you use, all of these do the same work that is downloading free Hindi music for you. It just that one is better than the other. Our favorite, as you know, is and that’s not for no reason. It’s because it’s easy to use, pleasant on eyes, fast in performance, and to the point. But whether to use this or some other, is entirely your call. Everyone has a distinct taste and way of perception. The second best option could be And the rest of the websites are more or less the same.

In the end, we hope that you’ve got the help from this article that you’re looking for. Do try these websites and see which one fits you better.

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