CBSE Class X Board Exam 2018: Quick hacks to score good marks in the exam

Are you ready for the exams? As Board exam is one of the crucial examinations of one’s school life, parents must show full support in their children to make them perform better in the examinations. While it is also important for the students to have a positive state of mind before the examinations begin.

Board Exam

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Do you want to score good marks in CBSE Class X Board Exam 2018? Well! check out some quick hacks:

How to prepare at this moment?

  • Try to prepare short notes
  • In order to maximize preparation practice writing.
  • Avoid last-minute studies and focus on what you have learned.

What to do before the examination?

  • Have a sound sleep before the examination
  • Choose self-studies over group studies
  • Drink lots of water to remain dehydrated.
  • Relax and try to take regular breaks between studies.
  • Avoid being active on social media.
  • Follow a healthy diet pattern before the examination.
  • Listen to music or play regular sports to freshen up your mood or restore the energy.

Some tips to remember for the examination

  • Try to reach the examinations on time to avoid confusion. Meanwhile, check the address properly.
  • Never spend too much time answering a particular question, if you feel stuck, skip that question and try to answer all the other questions on which you feel you are more confident.
  • After the examination is over, avoid group discussion with the peers. In case your answers are incorrect, you may feel demoralized which in return can affect your preparation for the next examination.

Motivational words for the students

  • Never give up.
  • Stop worrying and you will definitely perform better.
  • Try to compete with yourself rather than getting depressed with others.

At last, believe in yourself as you can do wonders and achieve more than what you can expect.

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