Apple Headphones: From the Earliest iPod Earbuds to the Latest Apple AirPods!

Technology is something that we need in our lives, and we cannot deny the fact! Many software companies have amazed the world with their gadgets, but what makes Apple so special? Apple sells some of the really good products ranging from iPhones to headphones. Specifically, Apple headphones are the latest sensation! You might’ve seen many people using them while walking on the roads, subway or even having their food. Hopefully, you might also be one of them!


Why Apple Headphones are Second to None?

  • Amazing design and build quality: The sound chambers are directed towards the ear canal for the closer in-ear experience. There are also two “R” and “L” symbols printed at the shell indicator of the right and left headphones so that the users are not confused while using it.
  • Highly Durable: The bottom of the shells are tightly sealed and reinforced by some extra silicon which provides the extra durability to the headphones and prevents the wires from turning in the shell of the earbuds. Many users use this product happily for almost 4 years and above.


Types of Apple Headphones
Types of Apple Headphones

Types of Apple Headphones:

The evolution of Apple headphones is really incredible. There are several varieties of Apple Earbuds starting from the basic earbuds that were released in the year 2001 to the new airpods, Apple stands out in innovating and transforming its product!  Let’s take a quick look at the timeline of the Apple headphones.

  • iPod earbuds: Apple introduces the iPod complete with white headphones in the year 2001. It was well known amongst the youngsters. Sometimes, when people used it for a long time, the headphones gave them a mild shock.
  • Apple Earbuds: The original iPod earbuds were modified a little to add a volume controller and microphone. In 2007, these earbuds were paired with every iPhone that was sold. The  clarity of the sound was better when compared to the iPod earbuds, but the wires of the headphones tangled a lot!
  • Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector: Unlike the other circular iPod earbuds, they are sleek-looking, geometric travel cases which are made of rigid white plastic that sits in the cleft of the ear, just above the earlobe. Like the previous versions of the headphones, even Apple Earpods have the symbols “R” and “L” below their earpod shells. But, the left earpod shell is protruded towards the right, and the right earpod’s shell is protruded towards the left to give the better in-ear experience to the users. They create acoustics and deeper bass sounds.
  • Apple AirPods: The most expected product of the decade amongst the users is the Apple AirPod, undoubtedly! They make rich bass sounds, and the sound quality is incomparable. It is a lightweight device which makes it highly portable. Apple AirPods do not pair with any Android devices and have low battery life.



Are you a music lover or always indulged in calls? Then, an Apple headphone is the best gadget to accompany you! These Earpods go well with most of the iPhones such as iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. Even though it is expensive, its amazing design, long-lasting design, and inseparable in-ear experience attract the users towards it.

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